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About Us

Katrina Jablonsky ABCDT

In 2004 I got my first service dog, Lily. It was then that she changed my life. The constant hospitalizations stopped and life became closer to a normal one. I knew then that I wanted others to gain the freedom I had. I took as many training courses with my dog as I could to learn as much as I could with my dog and teach her new things. A few years later I enrolled in the animal behavior college. My mentor was a trainer from NEADS. I graduated from ABC without any difficulty and continued the learn from other trainers. Now I have been training dogs professionally for over 5yrs. 

 The methods I use vary by dog in customize training plans. In group classes the training is primarily positive reinforcement. While positive punishment does have a time and place I do not believe it is generally appropriate for beginner classes. I will use what ever works for a particular dog. I am especially fond of clicker training but if it doesn't work for a particular dog or handler we will explore other options. I am also very familiar in working with reactive dogs. 

 I currently have 4 dogs of my own, Pinky Pie, Rassilon, Kefi, Henry. Pinky Pie is a sweet spaz of a belgian shepadoodle. She is simply adorable and know it. She is in training to be my service dog. Rassilon is her brother. He is also very sweet. He is a big boy that doesn't seem to know he is so huge. He is also training as my service dog as I plan to rotate them. Kefi is a Standard Poodle and mom to Pinky and Rassilon. She is a bouncy rough and tumble girl and if there is a mud puddle she is sure to find it. She has been in the process of retiring as she doesn't really enjoy working full time. Henry is retired due to health and behavior. He is a sweet boy that everyone falls in love with but he has his issues probably due to his health and an incident when he was likely kicked by someone. He has those big brown eyes that are so easy to fall in love with. If the right person came along I would consider allowing him to be adopted. The ideal person would be someone that would never have children. I'm also owned by one small cat that just barely tolerates all the dogs invading HER house. There is also Charlie Bear, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who is currently training to be a service dog.  

  I previously had 2 german shepherds which I loved very much. I had Sophie since she was a puppy. She had always been a handful. Unfortunately she passed away from cancer at 8yrs old in Feb 2016. She had been a service dog for a short time until she retired due to health issues. Hans was a rescue and a pet. He was saved from a shelter only hours before they were going to put him down for growling because he was so scared and had horrible ear infections. He had been a rehab case from the very start and I'm happy to say he was a success. He earned his cgc in 2012. He passed away Dec 2015 around the age of 10.


Misty Barton, Assistant Trainer and Apprentice 

 Misty is an assistant trainer.  She is very knowledgeable in training service dogs. I have a lot of confidence in her abilities as a trainer. Misty's service dog is Remus, an america alsatian. He performs seizure alert/response along with other tasks. Here is a little from Misty;  

 "Hi I'm Misty, in 2011, I never knew that when I received My German Shepherd pup, that my life would forever be changed. I was tossed into a world, that not many people ever get to know. I was raised around many breed of dogs, so my knowledge of different breeds is extensive. I have not only trained, but also delivered, and given cpr to new born puppies. I have trained both service dogs, and the basic pet dog. As of 2016, I have trained the following: 1 Standard poodle (service dog), 1 Rottweiler (service dog now retired), 1 German Shepherd ( Service dog passed away), 1 Great Pyrenees mix ( pet), 1 Shepherd/Malinois ( service dog currently in training ), 1 American Alsatian ( Personal Service Dog). People ask me why I do what I do what I do. Its because I LOVE IT!!! I love the return! I love to free my clients. I have been on the other end of the leash, and I know how it feels to feel like there is no hope. I think it is important to employ a trainer, that can look you in the eyes, and HONESTLY say, that they understand how you feel. I can say that I'm HONEST, down to earth, and will "say it like it is". I do not breed discriminate. With me, every breed is equal."..


There are various volunteers that help from time to time with training.