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Services Offered

Service Dog Training

We ceased operations in summer of 2022 for health reasons and pregnancy. We do not plan on resuming operations at all in 2023. None of these services are currently being offered nor are applications being accepted.

Service Dog Evaluations: For individuals that are disabled under the american with disabilities act we offer evaluations for their existing dogs. Dogs will be evaluated for their suitability as a service dog candidate in our program. The individual will be required to fill out a service dog application and meet the eligibility requirements to be accepted into our program. This evaluation is only intended for those who wish to enter into our training program. There is no time specific time limit on the evaluation and costs $150.

Service Dog Owner Training: Once your dog has been accepted into our program you can start your training program with us. If you do not already have a dog, we can help you locate and obtain one. There may be an extra cost and conditions associated with obtaining your dog. Once you have a dog you may start a training program. It will consist of a required 120 hours minimum working with our trainer either in the classroom or in a public setting. When we feel your dog is ready, we will provide you with equipment. You will be given a code of conduct guidelines you will be expected to adhere to. The training hours can be done in a combination of group class, private, and private lessons or just private and semi private. The owner training program costs $5000.

Service Dog Board and Train: Sorry we no longer offer this service to dogs not owned by the program.

Service Dog Placements: Get an already trained dog that has learned everything you need the dog to know. We will discuss your needs and train a dog specifically for you. When the training is complete we will teach you how to work with your new dog. There is a 1-2 year waiting list currently for a fully trained dog to be ready. Training cost is $10,000.  Please contact for more details.

Please note a placement fee of $1500 applies to all program provided dogs regardless of desired training program. Placement fee must be paid prior to the start of any train program. It is non-refundable. A replacement guarantee applies to all provided dogs

If you would be interested in providing a foster home for a puppy that will become a service dog or service dog in training please contact us.


Classes Offered for Pets

please note we are currently not offering public classes as we do not have a location to offer them, we are only offering in-home services to the general public. 

Puppy Class: This is a basic obedience class for puppies 12 weeks to 10 months old. Things taught in the class are basic commands like sit, down, wait, walking on a leash, etc. We will also discuss housebreaking and solutions for common puppy behaviors. This class runs 6 weeks.

Beginner Obedience Class: This class is for adult dogs of all ages and older puppies. This class will teach basic commands like sit, down, come, loose leash walking, etc. This class runs 6 weeks.

Advance Puppy: This is a follow up to the basic puppy class. We will practice what we learned in puppy class and add new skills and add another degree of difficulty the ones we know. Class runs 6 week.

Advanced Beginner: This is a follow up to the beginner obedience. We will be perfecting what we learned in the previous class and adding some new skills. Class runs 6 weeks

Canine Good Citizen Prep: Prepare for the CGC test. Learn and practice each item on the test. Advanced adult or Advanced puppy graduates. Class runs 8 week.

Reactive Dog: Does you dog bark and act inappropriately towards other dogs? If so this is the class for you. Reactive dog class is designed for dogs that don't like other dogs. The goal of this class is to teach you the skills to help you and your dog live a less stressful life without harsh punishment. Class is limited to 4 dogs per class. First week meets without dogs. Class runs 7 weeks.


 Preregistration is required for classes. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space in class. Class sizes are limited. Please contact servicedogs@lifelinepaws.com for a current schedule for offered group classes and registration forms. 

Additional Services

Private Lessons: One on one with the trainer. There is an extra mileage charge for in home services. This is perfect for those who need to work on a specific behavior or training goal. Private lessons are tailored to the needs of the dog and owner. Private lessons cost $75 per hour.

Semi Private Lessons: Share a private lesson with someone that is working on the same thing with similar training goals. You and another will share the entire session with the trainer.  Semi privates cost $50 per hour.

Behavior Evaluations: Do you have a behavior problem that has you at the end of your rope? Are you looking to start a private training plan? This evaluation is to evaluate your dog and discuss problem behaviors and your training goals before starting a private training program. There is no time specific limit on evaluations there is an extra mileage charge for in home evaluations and costs $100.