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Sponsor a Dog

The easiest way you can help is by sponsoring one of our dogs. We currently have great dogs in need of sponsorship. Please click on the dog you wish to sponsor.

NONE available for individual sponsorship at this time.

Business Sponsorship

 Businesses that wish to sponsor a dog are given a unique opportunity. Any business that sponsors a dog for any amount over $500 will receive recognition on our website as a sponsor of that dog. Sponsorship of 50% or more of the total amount needed to train the dog and they will receive recognition, their logo posted on our site, and a link to their webpage or facebook page. Sponsorship of 75% or more and the business will receive recognition for the sponsorship, logo and links on our webpage. In addition patches will be made for the dog's vest that say "sponsored by..." and the dog will be required to wear the patches on their vest for their entire working career. The average dog works for 8-10 years. That means for 8-10 years people that encounter the dog every day will see that your business sponsored the dog.

Volunteer to Handle a Dog

  We can always use some volunteers to help handle some of our dogs in training during group training outings. Although we do prefer people with some handling skills, a simple understanding of dog training would be all that is necessary to help. Such outings are supervised by an instructor.

Become a Puppy Raiser

 Occasionally we need volunteers that are willing to foster puppies in their homes while they prepare to become service dogs. Although this is not very often the need is still there.